How to Setup Email Deliverability Settings in Salesforce

This article will demonstrate to us how to set up Salesforce’s Email deliverability settings. As we all know, email communication is essential for the success of any business. Salesforce provides different settings and options to increase the deliverability of emails sent via Salesforce. Deliverability determines how many users receive your emails.

Setup -> Enter Deliverability in the Quick Find box -> Select Deliverability -> Adjust the Access level in the Access to Send Email section.

Email Deliverability

Salesforce offers three different types of access levels.
1. No access
2. System email only
3. All email.

No access: Only password reset emails are allowed. All other outbound emails to and from users are blocked.

System email only: This option only allows emails that are generated automatically, such as new user and password reset emails. Enabling this setting allows you to control emails sent from sandboxes so that testing and development activity does not send test emails to your users. System email is the default option for newly created sandboxes.

All email: All sorts of outbound emails are allowed with this option. This is the default setting for non-sandbox organizations. Sandboxes created before to Spring ’13 are set to receive all emails.

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